Arabic for children

Here are some interesting facts about children and languages:

  • In today’s world, being able to speak a few languages is a significant advantage in life, offering better educational and career prospects.
  • Children, with their innate desire to learn, find it easier to learn new languages than adults.
  • Most linguists agree that the fastest and easiest way to learn a new language is to spend time in a place where the population comprises native speakers.

Putting these facts together, it is clear to see that expatriate children in Dubai are in rather a unique position. They are ideally placed and suited to learn Arabic, a language of increasing importance in today’s world. What parent could pass up such a wonderful opportunity for their children!

In our language training school in Dubai we offer ‘Arabic for children’ courses especially designed to teach Arabic to children. Our highly qualified and experienced trainers use modern techniques which encourage kids to learn Arabic using educational, yet fun activities. Lessons are conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and really engage your child through the use of interactive study. Our ‘Arabic for children’ courses will have your children speaking Arabic from the very first day. Within a few weeks, you may find that your children are teaching you Arabic!

During our ‘Arabic for children’ courses, kids will spend some time on cross-cultural studies, which will help them understand and adapt to their Arabic environment. They will become acquainted with Arabic traditions and customs, enabling them empathise and develop stronger friendships with Arab classmates.