Basic Arabic

Whether you are travelling, working or studying in Dubai, it is worth taking the time to learn a few Basic Arabic words and phrases to make your stay here easier and more authentic.Our ‘Basic Arabic’ course is designed for expatriates and international students who wish to learn some essential Arabic in a very short period of time. Students are taught key Arabic words and phrases to cover everyday situations such as shopping, eating out and travelling.

Our ‘Basic Arabic’ course focuses mainly on speaking and listening, though students will also learn the basics of reading and writing in Arabic as well. As part of the course, students are provided with an insight to Arabic culture, customs and traditions, so they can better understand the Arabic way of life. Our highly qualified and experienced Arabic tutors make each lesson useful and engaging whilst providing ample time for students to practice their new found language skills. Our ‘Basic Arabic’ course provides students with all the tools they need converse in simple Arabic with the proficiency and confidence.

On completion of our ‘Basic Arabic’ course, students will be able to:

  • Read and write simple Arabic words
  • Converse in Arabic on a variety of everyday topics
  • Gain an understanding of Arabic culture
  • Better engage with Arab colleagues and friends

All Arabic courses provided by our language school in Dubai are conducted by experienced native Arabic speaking trainers. Classes are conducted in a comfortable friendly atmosphere using up-to-date and interesting material. Our ‘Basic Arabic’ courses are offered on a private or group basis. Private lessons can be scheduled flexibly according to your requirements and may be rescheduled at no additional cost if 24 hours notice is given — we appreciate the urgent matters crop up from time to time.