Basic English

Although the official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic, English is used widely in all everyday situations. Traffic signs, restaurant menus, even Government websites are all written in English (as well as Arabic.) Being able to speak some Basic English is therefore an important survival skill for Dubai residents.

At our language school in Dubai, we offer a‘Basic English’ intensive course aimed at teaching students the essential vocabulary and language skills needed for daily life here in Dubai. The course focuses primarily on ‘practical’ spoken English, encouraging students to converse in English right from the outset. With the help of our tutors, you will soon learn how to introduce yourself, talk about yourself and your family and make polite conversation in English. Our tutors will also teach you how to communicate in essential situations such as at the airport (passport control and customs,) onboard a flight and at a doctors surgery, hospital or pharmacy.

Our ‘Basic English’ course also covers the vocabulary and phrases for more the enjoyable activities of life, such as checking into a hotel, ordering food at a restaurant and browsing in shopping malls. Whilst the focus of the course is spoken English, elementary reading and writing in English are also covered. So, by the end of the ‘Basic English’ course, you will have the confidence to fill in forms and even rent cars in English!

Our English tutors in Dubai are all highly qualified and experienced. They use a combination of practical and theoretical English exercises to teach you the ‘Basic English’ you need to make your stay here easier. Classes focus on conversations, role plays and discussions which make learning interesting and easy to remember, ensuring that you learn ‘Basic English’ in the shortest possible time.

The ‘Basic English’ courses, provided by our language training school in Dubai, are conducted by native speaking tutors. Classes are conducted in a comfortable friendly atmosphere using up-to-date and interesting material. The course is offered on a private or group basis. Private lessons can be scheduled flexibly according to student’s requirements.