Communicative English

The main aim of the Communicative English course is to provide students with the vocabulary and phrases to be able to speak, in English, on a broad range of topics. Topics of conversation focus primarily on everyday situations such as greeting friends, asking for something in a shop, ordering food in a restaurant, visiting a doctor, hailing a cab, asking for directions and bargaining in the souk. However, they also include such diverse subjects as global warming, the economic crisis and whether Manchester United will win the Premier League!

Some students who study English are fairly comfortable with reading and writing, however, they find it difficult to speak English. It happens because they feel that they lack fluency and may make grammatical mistakes. If you want to improve your ability to converse in English and not to be afraid of speaking English to strangers, the Communicative English course is just for you! Our experienced teachers will help you develop English speaking skills and overcome the language barrier in an exciting and enjoyable way. You will practice English with other students and a teacher, gain confidence and start speaking fluently in no time.

Our highly skilled tutors make lessons interesting and vocabulary easy to remember, through discussions and role play rather than rote learning and mindless repetition of stock phrases. And it’s fine if you don’t get every English word right — the most important thing is to have the confidence to speak in English and to be able to make yourself understood.
Our teaching methods work quickly and efficiently to encourage students to use what they learn as soon as possible outside the classroom. Even if it is your very first set of English lessons, by the end of the course, you’ll find yourself automatically replying in English and speaking without hesitation.