Corporate Training

Every successful manager knows the value of Corporate Training. It is an investment that repays a company several times over. Not only does it increase an employee’s usefulness in the workplace, it also motivates employees’ demonstrating that they are important to the business.

Of all the Corporate Training programmes on offer in Dubai, English language courses are undoubtedly the most useful to a company. English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and the preferred language of the international business community in Dubai. Why not consider some spoken English classes for your company secretary enabling him or her to better communicate with foreign partners and clients over the telephone? Perhaps a course on presentation skills will help your CEOs and other high level managers to close important deals in English. Not only will the office will become a far more productive workplace, but staff morale and enthusiasm will be boosted.

At our language school in Dubai, we offer bespoke Corporate Training packages to precisely meet the needs of your business. Our highly qualified tutors are experienced in designing courses to cover all aspects of business communication. Thus, we can meet all your Corporate Training requirements, from basic written and spoken business English courses for your general staff to specialised courses on presentation skills, email correspondence and telemarketing for your medium and high level managers. Our tutors will also familiarise your staff with vocabulary and terminology specific to your field of business, be it oil and gas, aviation, hotel management or banking (among many others.)

We also offer Corporate Training programmes in Arabic, French and Russian.

Classes can be conducted at your offices or at our language school conveniently located in Knowledge Village, at the heart of new Dubai. (Our classrooms hold up to a maximum of 10 students.) All courses provided by our language school in Dubai are run by experienced native speaking tutors, using up-to-date and interesting material. Classes are scheduled flexibly according to your requirements and may be rescheduled at no additional cost if 24 hours notice is given — we appreciate the urgent matters crop up from time to time in business.