English courses

English is the most widely spoken language in the world. In the United Arab Emirates, it is the language that connects the country’s diverse community of residents and tourists originating from more than 60 countries. Although the official language of the United Arab Emirates is Arabic, English is used widely in all everyday situations. In fact, in Dubai, with its large expatriate population, traffic signs, advertising billboards, even government websites are written in English (as well as Arabic.) English is also the preferred language within the international business community in the region, and most international schools and universities in the United Arab Emirates teach in English. Mastering the English language is therefore an essential survival skill for living in Dubai.

Our language school offers a variety of English courses in Dubai to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to learn some ‘Basic English’, improve your ‘English Pronunciation’ or take up a course of ‘Business English.’
We provide the following English courses for adults in Dubai:

  • Basic English is suitable for beginners, and teaches the vocabulary and phrases needed for basic communication in English for essential everyday situations.
  • Conversational English is aimed at intermediate students and teaches them to use more complex tenses and sentence structures and provides the vocabulary to talk about a broad range of topics.
  • Business English is ideal for anyone working or doing business in Dubai. We also offer the following specialised courses:

o English for business meetings
o English for presentations
o English for correspondence (letters and emails)
o English for CV’s or Resumes

  • TOEFL and IELTS — we offer courses to prepare students for the TOEFL and IELTS exams. These exams are mandatory for immigration purposes and for entry into universities in many English speaking countries.
  • News in English is a specialised course focussing on the vocabulary and language structures used to communicate the News in English. It is useful for anybody who works in media or likes to keep up with current affairs.
  • Improve your English is a refresher course designed for students who have learnt English in the past, but are out of practise using it.
  • English pronunciation is perfect for students wishing to improve their spoken English.
  • English for parents is specially designed for non-native English speaking parents with children attending International schools in Dubai. This course helps parents understand correspondence from the school, and even more importantly, communicate with teachers.