Target in a Nutshell

Target is an educational company which has been in operation for over than six years. Located in Knowledge Village, we provide a wide range of language courses. We offer regular and intensive courses in the most popular languages spoken in the UAE: English, Arabic, and Russian. We further provide courses, on a bespoke basis, in numerous other languages including French, Spanish, Swedish and Italian.

Target miss

Language courses are our primary business though we also provide a variety of business courses such as presentation skills and business correspondence. Additionally, we can assist you in choosing and enrolling your child into a school or university in Dubai and offer extracurricular school tuition in the core school subjects.

What study materials are used for your courses?

For language courses, we use interesting and relevant study material, preferable published in the host country. We have an extensive library of the latest books, CDs and DVDs to suit students of all ages and language proficiency. We believe our collection of Russian language books, containing the most current and popular study books, is unique within Dubai. Additionally, our tutors regularly use the magazines, newspaper articles and the internet to design engaging lessons to meet the specific needs of students. Study material for our bespoke corporate courses is developed from handpicked resources in accordance with the requirements and needs of the clients

What about your teachers?

All our teachers are highly qualified with vast experience in teaching students of all ages and abilities. Our teachers are mostly native speakers.

How are the classes conducted?

The majority of our clients are expatriate businessmen, entrepreneurs, investors and their families living in Dubai. Most of our classes are therefore one-to-one sessions which are tailored to precisely meet the needs of individual students and can be scheduled flexibly to suit their busy and varying schedules.

We also offer classes for small groups of students as well. The maximum number of students in our group classes is 5. We believe that student learning is hampered by larger class sizes.

What else does your company offer?

Many of our clients are first time expatriates facing the challenges of assimilating to life in Dubai. We therefore provide qualified advice on a variety of relocation issues, particularly those related to education. If we are unable to assist personally, we redirect our clients to our partners who are knowledgeable in the relevant field. We endeavor to meet our clients every need to ensure their full satisfaction with our services.