French for Children

The French language is a popular second or third language in the Middle East. In fact, French is compulsory at most international schools in Dubai. This can be challenging for children who have newly arrived in Dubai with no previous experience of learning French, either formally or informally. Adapting to a new school environment is hard enough, but attending French lessons alongside classmates who have been learning it for several years can make the process even more difficult.

Why not invest in a few French lessons for children outside school? Give your child the opportunity to learn French at an early age in a stimulating and engaging way. It will help them catch up with their classmates and make the relocation process that little bit easier. In addition, you might not be aware of some of the profound affects that early language learning can have on the development of a child.

Our language training centre in Dubai offers a wide range of French lessons for children to help your children acquire the language proficiency required by Dubai international schools. We use the latest books and study materials which comply with most school syllabuses. We strongly believe that learning should be fun and interesting for children and adults alike. Our French teachers use a variety of activities such as songs, games, projects, drama and multimedia to encourage students to learn French.

Our classrooms for children include a range of educational toys, puzzles, flashcards and pictures, in an effort to make our language school an exciting and stimulating place to study for children for all ages. Your child will soon learn new vocabulary and essential grammar to form useful sentences and get insight into French culture in the most exciting and enjoyable way.

Our experienced native speaking French tutors in Dubai will tailor make a private French course for children of all ages, from primary school to pre university.