Russian for children

There are many Russian speaking families living in Dubai today. Most families send their children to English-speakingInternational schools, welcoming the opportunity for their children to become fluent in English. Unfortunately, children growing up in these environments can quickly forget their native language. They speak English most of the time, at school and with their friends, and may eventually, hardly speak their mother tongue at all.

This obviously creates difficulties for the children trying to communicate with friends and family when they visit or return to their homeland. It also disadvantages the children who could, with a little time and effort, be bilingual — a very desirable skill in today’s world.

At our language school, we offer ‘Russian for children’ courses to assist Russian speaking children living in Dubai:‘Russian for children as a foreign language’ and ‘Russian school curriculum courses for children’.

Our ‘Russian for children as a foreign language’ course is designed for Russian speaking children attending International schools, who therefore speak English for the majority of their day. The course is also suitable for kids wishing to study Russian as a second language. The aim of the ‘Russian for children as a foreign language’ course is to maintain and improve fluency in the Russian language. Lessons focus on conversational language skills, though students will also learn about grammar and syntax. Our experienced teachers will help your children practise reading, writing and speaking Russian in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

The course ‘Russian school curriculum for children’ is designed for children from Russian-speaking families who are planning to finish their schooling in Russia. The aim of the course is to study the Russian curriculum for Russian language and literature, and also to prepare children for final school exams or university entrance exams. Study material used in the classes complies with the Ministry of Education for the Russian Federation’s regulations.

Our highly qualified and experienced Russian teachers believe the whole process of learning the Russian language should be fun and rewarding. They use a variety of activities such as songs, games, drama and multi-mediato encourage young students to study Russian. We use the latest textbooks and study materials at our language school in Dubai, including toys, puzzles, flash cards and educational computer programmes.