Schools in the UAE

This page is for families planning to relocate to the UAE, who are in the process of choosing the best Schools in the UAE for their children.

School education in the UAE is provided both by the government and private schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education. Schools in the UAE are further overseen by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) and subject to annual inspections. The findings of school inspections are published in a comprehensive report and each school is assigned one of four ratings, ‘Outstanding,’ ‘Good,’ ‘Acceptable’ and ‘Unsatisfactory.’ School reports may be viewed on the KHDA website, and you can see a summary of school ratings on our website. The school report and rating are valuable tools for parents when it comes to choosing the best Schools in the UAE for their children.

Education in the UAE is compulsory for boys and girls from the age of 5 to 15 and a large network of private international schools exists to cater for the needs of expatriates, who represent about 70–80% of the population. As of May 2012, there are 138 private schools in Dubai, following the educational curriculums of the US, UK, France, Germany, Russia, India, Pakistan and the Philippines’. The International Baccalaureate (‘IB’) programme, which is rapidly becoming accepted internationally as a good pre-university qualification is also widely available here. The American, British and International Baccalaureate curriculums are taught in English.

Because there can be a shortage of places at the best Schools in the UAE, parents are advised to secure schools admissions before moving to Dubai where possible. Many parents register for more than one school in order to increase the chances of admission. It is common practice for schools to administer entrance exams and/or interview a child before he or she is offered a place at the school. Fortunately almost all admissions offices are prepared to process applications via e-mail and fax.

Parents moving to Dubai on or after 1st of May in any year should note that their child may not start school until the beginning of the new school year, which is usually in early September.

If the process of selecting suitable Schools in the UAE for your children sounds daunting, don’t worry. Visit our language school conveniently located in Knowledge Village and our friendly staff will provide you with information about education system in Dubai and advise you on suitable schools for your children.

We also offer two types of services for parents who are preparing their children to enter international Schools in the UAE:

  • We can prepare the package of required documents and carry out the whole application process for the chosen school, including arranging an interview and receiving the results.
  • Our teachers can design an individually tailored course to prepare your child for interview process at the selected school. The interview, and therefore the course, usually focuses on a student’s abilities in English and Mathematics. However, tuition will cover other subjects that might be included in the interview as necessary.