Moving to Dubai, gaining admission to an international school and adapting to a new classroom environment is challenging for most children. Some children, particularly non-native English speakers, may consequently experience some learning difficulties in the core school subjects of mathematics, science, humanities and modern languages such as English, French and Arabic. Qualified teachers at our language school in Dubai offer tuition support to assist your child with their learning in these areas, making the whole relocation and ‘fitting in’ process that little bit easier.

Our language training school in Dubai offers tuition support in all the main school subjects for children and teenagers studying in International schools here. Our experienced teachers develop individually tailored programmes, designed to improve each student’s abilities in the subject. As well as supplementing classroom teaching, our teachers will assist with special projects and help students prepare for exams. Our teachers enhance the learning process by adopting an ‘individual’ approach to teaching, using education methods best suited to students’ different learning styles. We take pride in our teachers as they work alongside our students with the aim to bring out the best in each and every one of them!

Tuition support can help your child improve performance at school, gain confidence and successfully pass examinations. Our experienced teachers will help structure the basic knowledge on the subject, fill in gaps, learn new material, as well as increase a child’s interest in the learning process. Students will improve their skills and quickly catch up with their peers.
All courses provided by our language school in Dubai are run by experienced native speaking tutors. Classes are conducted in a comfortable friendly atmosphere using up-to-date and interesting material. Tuition support lessons are offered on a one-to-one basis which suit all levels and provide an individual approach for each student. Classes can be scheduled flexibly according to student’s requirements.